Friday, 3 March 2017

The brewery flat available to rent April 5-26th special offer

This is the other flat that we have renovated completely and that we live in when we are in Prague. It is located near the old brewery, where you will find the tram stop U Pruhonu, and many nice restaurants and shops. The nearest restaurant is our favourite in Prague, it is called Avion58 and serves such delicious meals and beers.

We are renting out this flat in april from the 5-26th so we will offer a special deal to the family that wants to rent it for exactly that time period. There have been a few changes since we photographed it, the kids room have one more kids bed and there is new double bed sofa in the lounge. We will remove some of our personal items to make space for yours.

There is a long balcony, where you are welcome to plant things in the window boxes that doesnt have anything growing. There are also bikes that you can use and two kids scooters.

Most of the apartment has been renovated in september 2016. The kitchen and all the white goods are brand new. You have a proper juicer and mixer and all kitchen supplies you could dream of. This apartment is VERY easy to maintain and keep clean. If you need, we can offer a cleaning service for 800 czk, which can be weekly or once or twice. If you dont fancy cooking or leaving the apartment to eat out we can really recommend the online service where you can order food like delicious curries (masala or curry house is best) and pizzas. The easiest way to get your groceries is to sign up on and order online (in english or czech), the delivery is so cheap its really worth having someone else doing it for you. Otherwise we shop in Albert which is 100 meters from us, they were rubbish when we moved here, but the shop has been reorganized and they have really good veg and healthy things now.

For staying for that time period it is 1200 euros for 3 weeks. For that time period we give 25% off which is 900 euros for the whole period. No extra fees.

This apartment is perfect for 2 adults and 2-3 children.

If you would like to book please send us an email. It will be blocked in the calendar if it has been booked. Since yesterday when i listed our flats we had 3 bookings for 2 months, so if you would like to book this one for this time dont wait with it.

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