Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Little gems for families within walking distance from the apartment

The apartment is 10-15 min from the old town and "center" but to be honest the center is amazingly beautiful and when you have been there too many times its just boring, touristy and expensive. The real gems of Prague according to us is within this area and at other parts of Prague - quite different from how its advertised.

Holesovice is a special place - like no other in the world. Its rough, its modern, its quirky and there is a lot of fun and unusual things. Eating out is unbeatable for Prague. We have tried so many food places around here - but end up saving the taste buds for when we are back in our part of town because its been disappointing too many times when you get used to the good food here.

Holesovice is urban, slightly messy but its great for kids and quite charming. You would have no idea you can find white water canoeing, ice skating, and climbing here, as well as stunning castles and gardens and even crocodiles.

Below on the map you can see our best picks that is within walking distance, for families.

If its bad weather or raining - try visit the DOX modern art museum where they have interactive things for kids, or the Crocodile zoo. On a really dull day you can play video games and be inspired by new technology at Alza, you can also have some coffee and buy some bitcoin in the atm there.

If its a sunny summer day, go for a stroll in Stromovka park, why not swim in the ponds there or at the beach at cisarsky ostrov?

If its a pretty day why not go for a whole day outing? Head to the Troja castle, you can walk through the park and take the "free" boat to the other side. If you have a lot of time, why not stroll around in the beautiful botanical gardens that has a lot to offer for families, or the zoo? But the zoo is quite big, so its a good idea to get a year card if you are here long term!

Do you fancy nature and sports? You can walk to the canoe place on one of the peninsulas and paddle on the river, you have a lot of sports options in the direct neighbourhood or at vystaviste, you can go for a run in the troja forest.

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