We have been travelling the world full time with two small kids for almost two years and we have stayed in hundreds of hotels and homes. We have a pretty good idea of what is needed, so we have equipped our flat to make your stay as good as possible.

For digital nomads, we have the fastest internet package we could buy. The speed is 200mb/s. This means reliable Skype calls among other benefits.

This is with the cable plugged in to the router

This is on wi-fi (2.4ghz), so it depends on your laptop.
I haven't tried the 5Ghz connection, maybe it's faster!

The kitchen is new and fully equipped, with a oven, hob, microwave, fridge , freezer, kettle, toaster and all the other essentials. We always keep a supply of some basics like salt, pepper herbs, so you can use a little without having to buy a load of ingredients. We have a bunch of fresh herbs growing on the balcony on the pivovaru flat, so you can help yourself and water them in return.

We have a washing machine, drying rack and plenty of balcony space for hanging on the Pivovaru flat, on Maniny we have good drying lines..

While travelling around, we spent so much time moving furniture around - and some hosts were not so keen on this. So, we have provided enough comfortable sleeping spaces and you can move the mattresses if you co-sleep or move the beds against the wall, if you are careful not to scratch the floor.

For more detailed information about the flats please look at "Maniny" and "Pivovaru" flats on the menu above.

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