Getting There

To our family flats from the Airport

It's easy to get to our flat from Vaclac Havel Airport in Prague.

Here is the route -

It's 18km from the Airport and it should take 28 minutes according to Google. There are taxi's at the airport and it will cost about 500czk (about £15 , $20) which is good value.  Here is more in depth information

You can take the public transport too, which is fine but take quite a long time. Have a look at google maps for the public transport connection.

Fly to Prague

We generally use It's cheap to fly to Prague from many places in Europe

or if you are feeling rich, you could get an Aero taxi -


Driving is easy in Czech republic. Prague is easy to park in.

Trains and buses

There are plenty of trains going to Prague because its a central european hub. You can take the train to Hlavni Nadrazi (main train station) or Nadrazi Holesovice (which is really close to us). The closest big bus stop is called Flora and is also quite close to us.

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