Good to know

Here is a small guide to good places to know about in the area:


Albert is 5 minutes from the apartment. Turn right and right again on "maniny" street. Walk until you see a big white brewery building, Albert is in the cellar.

There are two Billa's near the apartment. The biggest on is in Delnicka street. (turn right and walk all the way).

There are small supermarkets everywhere around where you can buy your basics.

We order Tesco online all the time. Delivery is almost free and you can order in English. Its the easiest way to do shopping here we think. Order here

Food out and about and take aways:

Our kids favourite at the moment is Restaurace Baterka where they have Mexican chicken quesadillas. Its a typical czech pub place with decent food. Turn left on Delnicka and walk a few minutes until you see it on the corner.

Two good options for a nice evening meal is "Pet penez" (a cellar restaurant with the best goulash) and "Holesovicka Kozlovna" that is a typical brewery restaurant.

For a luxury breakfast try "La bottega" which is on the next street. (go straight and turn right on the parallell street)

The market is about a 5 minute walk from the apartment (turn right on Delnicka, Turn left on Komunardu street and you will see Alza, a big electronics shop, turn right there and walk all the way until you see the market. In hall 22 you will find a huge vegetable market and around there are plenty of places to have cheap vietnamese food.

For more good options have a look at our family food guide on

SIM CARDS and Internet on the go:

The best place to get sim cards from is Alza which is a big electronic shop near the apartment. You can order online here and collect there.

Tram tickets:

For tickets you can go to any "Potraviny" (small supermarket) and ask for jizdenky. It costs 24 kc right now for 30 minutes. If you need a monthly card or longer you need to get a litacka which you can refill at the metro stations. Get it here:

Post office:

Turn right and walk a few minutes on Delnicka street. Avoid around lunch time (huge queues)


There is a handy printing place on the same street. Turn right and walk on delnicka a few minutes. Its near the paper shop "papernictvi" where you can buy office and art supplies.


On the street behind the apartment is the police.


There are a couple of big hospitals. The one with a clinic for foreigners is called "Nemocnice motol". The best way to get there is to take an uber.

English speaking out patient clinic:

Near the apartment is a great little private clinic where the staff speaks english. Its near Albert supermarket.

If you need a dentist or specialist there are a couple of options in the area for instance there is an english speaking dentist place here

Kids activities in the area:

Have a look at our other blog and the post ""

Work places:

Our favourite places to get work done is Alza, the electronic shop, it has many computer plugs and fast internet. If you like a place with blipping sounds and white light where you dont get bothered go here.

Paralelnipolis, the bitcoin cafe has a great coworking space. It is very close to the apartment, turn right and you will see a black building. You can also work in the cafe and there are quite a few usual doing it. This is really interesting place. You can only pay in litecoin and bitcoin. They have chess and some quirky stuff and events so its a nice place to hang out with your kids too. My 7 year old loves going there to play chess. Its unique and the only place like this of its kind.

Vnitroblock, its a "hidden" place on delnicka. Turn right and cross komunardu street. you will see a passage way with a small print of "vnitroblock". This is where the foreign hipsters "work" online. Its also a funky artsy cafe where entrepreneurs sells their things and they have events and dance studio, cinema and some other interesting things.

Cafe liberal: A place with high speed internet where you can work all day without being chucked out.

For more see

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