Our other businesses

We are a worldschooling nomad family travelling since January 2015. We run a couple of online businesses since more than a decade to be able to sustain our lifestyle. Our philosophy has always been to provide lovely designs that are created with the environment and the people that make them in mind - so a conscious choice. You can support us by recommending our webshops to friends and family. And for those that wants to buy from us, sign up for our newsletters for discounts.

Hammockheaven - We design and import our own hammocks from countries such as Colombia, El Salvador and India. At our webshop you will find everything you could possibly want if you like hammocks and hanging chairs in recycled cotton which is more environmentally friendly than organic cotton. We have a full range with +100 different models, lots of stands, ropes, fixings. For our swedish website please see Hamaca.se

Mypashmina - High quality cashmere knitwear and pashminas made by hand in Nepal in our little factory. The workers are highly skilled and enjoy their working environment. Many have been with us since we started. Buy in our webshop or if you are a retailer we can offer custom designs in your own brand. For our swedish website go to Mypashmina.se.

TheRealRugCompany - Once a simple idea of a fluffy rug years ago. Now a full on business where our philosophy is to provide only natural rugs in creative designs that are made in small productions without middlemen. You will find designs that creates a beautiful environment in your home and the option to custom make rugs in our own designs. For our swedish website see Mattor-online.se

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